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Debug Kubernetes

Run a test Docker container

docker run --rm -p <port>:<port> <docker image>:<tag>
docker ps
# cleanup
docker kill <container>

To override the entrypoint, use:

winpty docker run --rm -p <port>:<port> -it --entrypoint bash <docker image>:<tag>

The above assumes you are using cygwin / git bash on Windows.

Run a test K8s pod

kubectl run <deployment name> --image=<docker image>:<tag>

Useful options:

  • --restart=Never
  • if the pod has a console: -i --tty --command -- bash

  • Attach to the (first) container in the Pod:

kubectl attach <pod name> -i -t

If there are multiple containers in the pod, use: -c <container name>

  • Get a shell to a running Container:
kubectl exec -it <pod name> -- bash
  • Delete test pod:
kubectl delete pod <pod name>