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Serverless Cheatsheet

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npm install -g serverless


Serverless Examples

Serverless Starter

Python example

C# example


  • Create a Service:
# NodeJS
serverless create -p [SERVICE NAME] -t aws-nodejs

# C#
serverless create --path serverlessCSharp --template aws-csharp
  • Install a Service

This is a convenience method to install a pre-made Serverless Service locally by downloading the Github repo and unzipping it.

serverless install -u [GITHUB URL OF SERVICE]
  • Deploy All

Use this when you have made changes to your Functions, Events or Resources in serverless.yml or you simply want to deploy all changes within your Service at the same time.

serverless deploy -s [STAGE NAME] -r [REGION NAME] -v
  • Deploy Function

Use this to quickly overwrite your AWS Lambda code on AWS, allowing you to develop faster.

serverless deploy function -f [FUNCTION NAME] -s [STAGE NAME] -r [REGION NAME]
  • Invoke Function

Invokes an AWS Lambda Function on AWS and returns logs.

serverless invoke -f [FUNCTION NAME] -s [STAGE NAME] -r [REGION NAME] -l
  • Streaming Logs

Open up a separate tab in your console and stream all logs for a specific Function using this command.

serverless logs -f [FUNCTION NAME] -s [STAGE NAME] -r [REGION NAME]