My name is S. John Cruchon-Dupeyrat, Ph.D.

I am a Data Scientist, Technical Program Manager, Product Manager, and Systems/Data Architect.

I am currently working as a data enginering consultant. I also provide intellectual property services (patent analyis, valuation, patent litigation support).

Interests / expertise include:

  • “Big Data” (large-scale ETL or ELT, DW…)
  • Architecture of complex systems in the Cloud (AWS)
  • Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, especially in the context of IR and Search (ElasticSearch)
  • Record Linkage (messy data cleanup and deduplication)
  • Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Deep Learning
  • RDBMS and NoSQL databases (MongoDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL server, RedShift…)
  • Knowledge Management (taxonomies, ontologies, semantic web)
  • Distributed and concurrent programming (C#, .NET, Python…)
  • Data management and data governance.

My most recent corporate job was as a Data Scientist in the Silicon Valley, where I architected a sales and marketing lead generation engine and analytics platform. The project has been acquired for 8 figures by a Russell 2000 company.

Before that, I was a machine learning consultant and interim CTO for a number of startups in southern California - projects included image analysis automation; financial portfolio optimization; and marketing predictive analytics for the gaming industry.

I previously worked as a licensing manager / data analyst in an investment fund / patent aggregator, managing tens of thousands of high-tech patents.

I started my post-Ph.D. career as a systems engineer and nanotechnologist, designing and writing the software for nano-scale lithography instruments.